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Climate Variability – Is it BioMethane Dome Time?

Carbon, carbon, carbon –  no end of talk about carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect. Not much talk about methane, although there’s enormous quantities out-gassing from wetlands, water bodies, volcanoes, etc., – and it’s much more heat trapping than carbon dioxide.

But now there’s a new rumor – Arctic melting is releasing huge amounts of methane and a few have gone as far as to claim it a near term extinction triggering event – due to lack of oxygen that allegedly will result from the excess methane.

Well, let’s hope this is all science fiction. But there are some ideas generating from all this biogas release. Put domes over every cap-able natural methane source. Leave out the volcanoes, might be too tricky –but burn the procurable methane to produce electricity. Electrolyze water with some of it to make hydrogen – and oxygen, if necessary.
Feed the bonus electricity into the grid. Use all saved funds to replace dino-industry and fossil dependent technology with wind,solar, hydrogen –  and yes – biomethane power and it’s bi- products.

Even if an extinction event isn’t looming any time soon, ignoring the clean fuel value of naturally created methane doesn’t make sense.

Here’s a link and if you have more ideas, please share!

Update – the latest climate modification idea – refreeze the arctic with wind powered pumps.

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