Creating Common Sense – What Your Kids Need to Know

Entitlement proof

This book will help you –

Spot and get rid of common habits that distract from the bigger common sense picture.

Show your kids the difference between social and reasoning process – and understanding this difference makes all the difference.

Shift from indirect to direct ways of demonstrating common sense reasoning to your kids – giving them a clear, straight-forward way to explain how they’re thinking.

Eliminate the confusion between rights awareness and excessive entitlement in your kids’ minds – and develop strong immunity to this all too common problem.

Recognize and weed out hidden causes of bullying … And more …


Anyone can put this fast read to good – and immediate – use. But parents are in the hot seat. Creating Common Sense focuses on sensible approaches – first and foremost – for those of you with kids. This book delivers the tools you need to be sure your kids  learn to think for themselves, by themselves to the very best of their ability.

Plain, old, every-day habits – some as old as those that led Plato to complain about the attitude of kids in his day – are not to be over-looked – or underestimated. It’s easy enough to miss them, and their significance … we wouldn’t be still wondering what’s the matter if the causes were obvious. But take heart. Colleen Ryer has tracked down what’s the matter, rounded it all up, and connected it to sensible solutions. And it’s all here for you in this easy-to-put-into-action guide.

Media messages, the culture of influence, peer pressure and other outside factors, can’t be shut off. But the skills and understanding needed to stand firm and grow wise in the face of it all can be had in record time.


Creating Common Sense – What Your Kids Need to Know

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