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Kids Needs Come First

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The old school authoritarian standard gave way to less autocratic child rearing ideas, but these days the impression is of a widespread permissive opposite extreme. The conclusion that excessive entitlement is caused by this alleged change is frequently jumped to. That abusive treatment is also strongly associated with exaggerated ideas of entitlement seems to have slipped under the rug, along with many other suspected causes – and let’s not forget the exceptions. Not every child winds up too stuck on themselves, regardless of upbringing.

I recently read an article by John Rosemond – and was  thoroughly shocked by his patronizing attitude and manipulative approach. Here’s a few highlights:

He cavalierly writes off Millennial parents as credulous suckers. On what basis? After a quick question to his clients – he immediately assumes the inability to answer to his liking as proof of intellectual incompetence. Not just of the parents he was questioning – all parents! He then points out what he views as reasoning errors rampant in the Millennial crowd – completely ignoring his own. It’s possible that the idea that kid’s come first has been shortened from kid’s needs come first.

He makes it plain he thinks all Millennial parents are too mindless to learn. From here he insinuates himself to be the only one fit to tell them what to do. Rosemond  makes short work of his peers. Other mental health practitioners are labeled as “parenting babblers” and what they write as “largely baloney”. In other words, only he is competent.

Do  parents need this spin doctored pseudo-advice? What about a flexible, equitable, learning environment? To effectively teach respect and consideration for self and others – basic human rights awareness – isn’t accomplished via slave driving and manipulation.

“Yes Virginia, once upon a time in the United States of America, children were second class citizens, to their advantage.” John Redmond Naples Daily News January 1 2017


Rosemond’s babble that kids treated as property are advantaged is double speak that reveals a sickening lack of respect for children.

This guy wants to turn back the clock – all the way back to Santa Claus, his fairy tale imaginings of a strong America where, in his dreams, children always behaved – and there certainly weren’t any adults with over-blown ideas of their own worth and entitlement.

It’s 2017. The parenting – and far too often, the professionals’- skill picture has always been missing a chunk. There are long established habits – and I mean on the order of generations – that interfere with reasoning awareness. And there’s no time like the present to straighten the matter up.


For parents interested in seeing to it your kids get the opportunity to make up for what’s been left out, critical thinking is a decent place to begin: here’s some links: Link to Rosemond’s Website Universal Declaration of Human Rights 

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