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Science – Is It About Faith?

scienceThere’s not much that can be proved without a doubt, scientifically or otherwise. Science relies on what is most likely, somewhat likely, and not very likely, in general, along with what can’t be considered in a general way. Our language shifts all over the place and I long ago learned to leave out words like faith, believe, and to avoid using right/wrong, true, etc. The words have a limiting effect, leading to full stops where it would be far better to explore beyond. And where there is disagreement at these full stops, defensiveness, or even outright combativeness takes over if discussion continues. The point is missed – and isn’t the point of understanding to find it? Having faith in science makes even less sense to me than having faith in a belief system. Science is a system of inquiry and discovery, not of belief.

Technically, assumptions and theories are open for review, revision, and occasionally, outright replacement. This constant updating is essential. Human error, machine error, misinterpretation, biases, criminal fudging, new evidence, improved techniques, and more, continuously influence the thinking and researching. This constant change must be taken into account – nothing is carved in stone. But in the real word, the necessary openness is too often left in the dust by those who insist – we are right and they are wrong. This mindset doesn’t just slow progress, it jams it into reverse. The time wasted having to back track, due to what could have been avoided in the first place, can’t be recovered. Just believe it isn’t appropriate, Take nothing for granted might seem a slow and picky standard to maintain in the short-term, but the planet’s future – and future generations – count on it.

Story – Nobel Winner says. “I placed too much faith in underpowered studies – read the rest at Retraction Watch

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